Nanotect Easy Breather Sleep on Air Pillow

Discover the future of safe sleeping with Nanotect!

Nanotect is a special non-toxic application added to our Snuggletime foam protecting your baby from dust mites, bed bugs, bacteria, viruses, mould and fungi. Exposure to these allergens can set up an allergy sensitivity for life and by eliminating them from your mattress, Nanotect keeps your baby safe.

Babies spend the greater part of their first 12 months sleeping. Contoured foam allows for a soft pillow texture and reduces the chances of flat head syndrome. Nanotech technology enhances the foam to become and safer and healthier sleep environment by inhibiting bed bugs, dust mites and bacteria growth.

  • Soft foam pillow offers gentle orthopaedic support to baby’s head
  • Includes a Slip Cover
  • Ventilated

Additional information

Dimensions 255 × 355 × 35 cm