Welcome to Snuggletime! FREE DELIVERY TO ANYWHERE IN SOUTH AFRICA for orders above R500!

Welcome to Snuggletime! FREE DELIVERY TO ANYWHERE IN SOUTH AFRICA for orders above R500!


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Infancie Muslin Blankets 2Pk

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Infancie Baby 2 Pack Muslin Receiver 

Wrap your baby in pure softness. Rest easy when your baby is lovingly swaddled in premium 100% cotton muslin. Our quality muslin with cheerful designs and comforting colors gets softer with every wash. The open weave increases breathability and reduces the risk of overheating. Swaddling soothes babies and helps babies sleep longer by reducing awakenings caused by the startle reflex. A must-have and true lifesaver for new parents.

Muslin receivers are a staple in any parent's baby gear collection. Made from lightweight and breathable cotton material, they are perfect for swaddling newborns or using as a cover for breastfeeding or during tummy time. Muslin receivers are soft and gentle on delicate skin, providing a comfortable and cozy environment for your baby. They are also versatile and can be used for a variety of purposes, such as a burp cloth, stroller cover, or even a makeshift changing pad. With their durability and easy care, muslin receivers are a practical and essential item for any parent.


   - Pre-washed for softness
   - Machine washable
   - Can be used during summer and winter
   - Light weight 
   - Well trimmed edges of the flannel guarantees its durability
   - Ideal for draping over a stroller, soothing baby to sleep and even as a comfortable           surface for baby when changing

Size: 101 cm x 91 cm  

- Dimensions: 290mm H x 220 W x 50 D
- Weight: 236g
- Material: 100% cotton muslin

Style: Safari