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Welcome to Snuggletime! FREE DELIVERY TO ANYWHERE IN SOUTH AFRICA for orders above R500!


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Managing Colic & Reflux

There are few challenges that can throw a new mom out more than colic and reflux. Having a fussy baby who simply won’t settle is very disconcerting. You will find yourself grappling for answers as you try to settle your little one.

I believe that when it comes to colic and fussing, it’s worth trying an array of strategies to prevent colic and settle your baby – everything from chiropractic to lactase enzymes, from spacing feeds to frequent day sleeps can make a difference.

When your baby is already crying, soothing techniques work wonders – dummies are fabulous, baby massage can be soothing, and swaddling is a life-saver. But for me one of the best strategies for managing a fussy baby is baby wearing.

A fussy newborn is often a baby who is easily over-stimulated and an excellent way to sooth a fractious over-stimulated baby is put him in a carrier. Carriers like the SnuggleRoo create a quiet sensory space, much like the womb – deep pressure, skin to skin, familiar smell of mom and of course lulling movement.

Colic usually occurs in the late afternoon and early evening, when baby’s thresholds for sensory input are low. This is a good time to pop your little one in a carrier and pace the passage or take a walk.  [image]

Reflux babies prefer an upright position, especially after feeds. In addition, the pressure on the tummy whilst in a SnuggleRoo is comforting and decreases the amount of reflux through pressure on the tummy valve.

In your toolbox as a new mom, I believe that along with a dummy, a womb-like carrier is a must.

Written by Meg Faure for Snuggletime SnuggleRoo.