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BabySafe 3in1 Laundry Liquid - 500ml

BabySafe 3in1 Laundry Liquid - 500ml

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Snuggletime BabySafe 3inl Laundry Liquid cleans, deodorises and softens at the same time. This multi-enzyme, probiotic rich detergent offers superior cleaning performance, at low temperatures. Our laundry liquid is the only one in South Africa that contains six enzymes, each offering maximum stain removal (even on complex stains). Washing comes out whiter and brighter, soils are eliminated rather than being redeposited elsewhere, and both the fabric and the environment are cared for. The slightly clammy granules ensure there’s no wastage, and prevents you from breathing in any airborne particles. This means it cleans better, works faster, and is effective in cold water!

Unique blend of 6 bio-enzymes effectively penetrate & protect fabric fibres as they break down & remove tough dirt & stains. All natural bio formulation is completely safe for baby and the whole family.

•     Whitens whites
•     Brightens colours
•     Eliminates odour causing bacteria
•     Gently softens fabrics
•     All natural bio formulation is completely safe for baby and the whole family
•     No chemicals
•     100% Biodegradable
•     Environmentally friendly
•     Non-toxic
•     Non asthma sensitive
•     Pet friendly
•     PH neutral
•     Non allergy sensitive
•     Natural colourants & fragrances
•     Eradicates harmful organisms


The recommended dosage varies depending on how soiled the laundry is.
1 teaspoon (5ml)  – 1 kg Hand Wash
1 cap (35ml) – 7kg washing load

DO NOT ADD FABRIC SOFTENER - it will interfere with the performance of the active bacteria enzymes

- Ingredients: 6 Enzyme Blend and Plant based surfactant, Natural Enzyme stabilizer, Natural bleach activator, A natural emulsifying agent to oil stains, reduce re-deposition of dirt in wash cycles, provide alkalinity for cleaning and soften laundry water. Appearance: Beige colour. Fragrance: None, PH: Neutral. Shelf-life: 2 years.

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