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BabySafe Dustmite & Bedbug Inhibitor - 500ml

BabySafe Dustmite & Bedbug Inhibitor - 500ml

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Snuggletime BabySafe Dustmite & Bedbug Inhibitor uses bio-enzymes to protect your nursery against harmful dustmites, bedbugs, mould & bacteria for a healthy sleep space.  
The unique combination of bio-enzymes activates immediately to break down & consume the food source of dustmites, bedbugs and mould making it impossible for these superbugs to survive in your mattresses, pillows & linen.

All natural bio formulation is completely safe for baby and the whole family.

•    No chemicals
•    100% Biodegradable
•    Environmentally friendly
•    Non-toxic
•    Non asthma sensitive
•    Pet friendly
•    PH neutral
•    Non allergy sensitive
•    Natural colourants and fragrances
•    Eradicates harmful organisms



1.    Spray onto pillows, mattresses, and linen
2.    For initial use - it is recommended to spray a double layer to establish a protective barrier
3.    For maintenance - a single layer every 2-3 days is required (bio­enzymes are effective up to 3 days)

- Ingredients: Aqua, 5.4 x 10 cfu / ml – Blend of multi-strain bacillus spores and Soap (Plant based), nutrients and preservative. Appearance: Opaque liquid Fragrance: Fresh, PH: Neutral. Shelf-life: 2 years.

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