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BabySafe Floor & Tile Deep Cleaner Concentrate - 500ml

BabySafe Floor & Tile Deep Cleaner Concentrate - 500ml

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Snuggletime BabySafe Floor & Tile Deep Cleaner Concentrate uses bio-enzymes and probiotics deep clean, sanitise and restore the natural shine of all floors and tiles.

Long lasting bio-probiotic and enzyme formula penetrates surface pores & crevices. Active ingredients break down & removes embedded dirt, grease stubborn residues & harmful bacteria on all floor surfaces.

All natural bio formulation is completely safe for baby and the whole family.

•    No chemicals
•    100% Biodegradable
•    Environmentally friendly
•    Non-toxic
•    Non asthma sensitive
•    Pet friendly
•    PH neutral
•    Non allergy sensitive
•    Natural colourants and fragrances
•    Eradicates harmful organisms



1.    Shake well to ensure active ingredients are evenly dispersed
2.    Dilute 2 caps (2 x 35ml) in 5 liters of warm water
3.    Mop floor as usual
4.    If necessary use a brush to scrub joints/grout to remove resistant dirt
5.    Allow to air dry

- Ingredients: Aqua, 5.4 x 10 cfu / ml – Blend of multi-strain bacillus spores and Soap (Plant based), nutrients and preservative. Appearance: Opaque liquid Fragrance: Fresh, PH: Neutral. Shelf-life: 2 years.
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