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Snuggletime Healthtex Fitted Sheet

Snuggletime Healthtex Fitted Sheet

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Luxurious 100% cotton sheet with breathable miracle PU membrane

3in1 Revolutionary Technology

Anti-allergy - Barrier to germs and dust mites
Breathable Membrane - Breathes like your skin
Waterproof - 100% waterproof protection

Bacteria, dustmites, bed bugs & mould feed and breed in all our mattresses and pillows.
These bugs release toxins which may aggravate the following conditions;


Babies spend the greater part of their first 12 months sleeping.
It is important to ensure that their sleep space is safe and secure.

Proudly manufactured in South Africa.

Large Cot: 660mm x 1300mm x 80mm
Standard Cot: 550mm x 1170mm x 80mm
Large Camp Cot: 720mm x 1040mm x 80mm
Standard Camp Cot: 660mm x 940mm x 80mm
Side Sleeper Cot: 50mm x 880mm x 80mm



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